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    日 期:2019-05-06 16:13:22
    作 者:東莞華拓咨詢



    Heaven rewards diligence,undertaking rewards precision



    Congratulations on the successful implementation of the three standards of IATF16949, ISO 9001 and ISO14001 of Zhiyuan Company.


    企業簡介 Enterprise profile


    Dongguan Zhiyuan Battery New Material Co., Ltd, was established in  Niushan External Economic Industrial Zone, Dongcheng Street, Dongguan City in January 2017.

    Committed to providing battery metal foil (aluminium foil, copper foil) for domestic and foreign customers, with professional research staff, experienced quality and production site management personnel, advanced high-precision coating machine, mixer and other production equipment, and currently the monthly production capacity is more than 50 tons.


      靜心則專, 靜思則通!

    Meditation lead to concentration, meditation lead to communication!


    Since its founded, Zhiyuan has devoted itself to the research and development and production of metal foil for new source batteries. It has continuously release new products types suitable for customers'needs and provided excellent products and intimate services to customers!



    Heaven rewards diligence, humanity rewards honesty, business rewards credit, undertaking rewards fine!


    Founder GM Li works diligently and pays attention to management. In order to improve the company's management, since 2017, Dongguan Huatuo Consulting Company has been invited to conduct standard training, on-site management training and counseling, and customer inspection consultation every year. He has successively established quality management system (ISO 9001:2015), automobile quality management system (IATF16949:2016), and environmental management system (ISO 14001:2015). And the relevant requirements has been implemented actually and passed many customers' field assessment and audit every year, improve the company's management level, and win customers' unanimous praise.



    Breaking the earth and growing higher than cloud,driving the cold and leading the trend.


    With the release and implementation of the national blue sky defense policy, the state calls for speeding up the promotion and application of new energy vehicles. As a key component of the new energy automobile industry, new energy battery materials play an irreplaceable role. Zhiyuan Company responded to the call of national environmental protection, conformed to the trend of development and ushered in the spring of development.


    Congratulations again to Zhiyuan Battery Company :


    Business flourishs like grass before spring, and wealth booms like fountain after rain.


    與智元李總合影 / The photo with GM Li    

    實驗室 / The Laboratory  Room        

      部分生產車間  / One of The Workshop